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Teeth Extractions

Tooth extraction is typically used as a last resort when no other procedure will work to save the tooth. When the tooth is beyond repair and we are left with no choice, we will pull it. This could mean removing a damaged or decayed tooth or extracting wisdom teeth that are causing problems or are impacted and not coming out. If it is a simple extraction, it can be done right in our office at TruDental Spokane.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

While we do everything possible to save a natural tooth, but there are certain circumstances that require the tooth to be removed including:

  • Teeth with excessive decay
  • Excessive periodontal disease that is causing tooth loss
  • Trauma that is not repairable
  • Teeth that cause more problems that function in your mouth

Simple and Complex Tooth Extractions

There are two types of tooth extractions: simple and complex. A simple extraction means that the tooth is simply removed from the socket and no surgical intervention is necessary. In general, the recovery is simple, and you are in and out of the office in no time. A complex extraction, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure. During this procedure, anesthesia is essential to ensure your comfort as the tooth may need to be removed in pieces and the gums may need to be surgically opened to get to the entire tooth. This is common with impacted wisdom teeth as well as teeth that fall apart or become fractured during the extraction.

The After Care

Many people worry about how they will feel after a tooth extraction. The degree of pain and the length of the recovery will depend on the type of procedure that must be done. If a simple extraction was performed, the recovery can be fairly quick, but a complex extraction might take a little longer to overcome.

No matter the type of extraction you have, rest is important during the first day following the procedure. This ensures that the swelling goes down and that you do not bleed excessively, which can cause side effects in the long run. Trying to do too much after the procedure will also increase your pain levels and lengthen your recovery time.

In addition to resting, we often provide our patients with a prescription pain medication to manage the pain. During the first 24 to 48 hours, these pills may be necessary to ensure that the pain does not get out of hand. The prescription we provide may also help limit the amount of swelling that you experience.

You will also need to limit your diet during the first few days following the extraction. The first 24 hours are the most crucial and are when you will need to be restricted to liquids in order to keep the area clean. After those first 24 hours, you can begin to introduce soft foods into your diet, but go slow so as to see what your mouth can handle.

After that first 24-hour period, it is important that you regularly rinse the area with warm salt water and to brush your teeth twice a day. Just take caution when brushing in the area of the extraction so as not to disturb any sutures that have been put in place.

If you have questions about tooth extractions or need to set up your appointment, call us today!

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"I feel as though I am in great hands!! The entire team with this beautiful office took such good care of me! They are kind, personable and listened to my concerns and addressed them accordingly. I am new to Spokane and a veteran and I feel very lucky to have found them! Thanks so much!"

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