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Inlays and Onlays

If you have a moderately damaged or decayed tooth, the experienced team at TruDental Spokane can help. When the damage to a tooth is too great for a traditional filling, but a full crown is not necessary, an inlay or onlay can often be used to restore tooth structure.

Inlays and onlays are also known as indirect fillings. Unlike traditional fillings that are created directly on the tooth; inlays and onlays are made outside of the tooth in a lab and then bonded to the surface of the damaged tooth. A benefit of Inlays and onlays is that they will not weaken the tooth structure like a traditional filling but actually strengthen it.

An inlay lies completely within the cusp tips or points of the tooth. When tooth damage is more extensive and includes at least one of the tooth cusps, an onlay is used. After your restoration is bonded, the tooth will look natural and function normally.

If you have a damaged tooth in need of repair, call TruDental Spokane to learn if an inlays or onlay is the right solution for you. Schedule an appointment today by calling (509) 593-3033.

Our Happy Patients

"Great visit! Expressed long-term anxiety with dental visits. My fears were heard and accommodations were made. Thank you."

Sheryl H Sheryl H.

"Just went for a cleaning for the first time in years and years and I knew I had a chipped tooth, they did a thorough cleaning and doctor Truman sat down and talk through everything with me and set up a plan and a follow up to get my chipped tooth fixed. Very nice and clean office and everyone is very friendly. My wife and kids also have appointments coming up as well."

Joe E Joe E.

"I feel as though I am in great hands!! The entire team with this beautiful office took such good care of me! They are kind, personable and listened to my concerns and addressed them accordingly. I am new to Spokane and a veteran and I feel very lucky to have found them! Thanks so much!"

Kimberly I Kimberly I.
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