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Dental Crowns

Teeth that are weakened by injury or decay sometimes need help in order to retain full function of your mouth and to be able to retain your tooth’s natural roots. One of the most effective ways that we can help you at Fawson Dentistry is with dental crowns. The dental crown is a “cap” over the enamel that is left of your damaged tooth, giving your enamel the strength it needs to allow chewing, talking, and smiling with ease. The crown enables you to keep your tooth’s natural roots without risking the ability of your tooth in the slightest.

Types of Crowns

There are three types of dental crowns that the staff at Fawson Dentistry can provide you with:

  • All Porcelain
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • Gold

Each of these types of crowns has their own benefits and uses. We will evaluate each mouth on a case-by-case basis to determine what will be the right choice for your situation. For example, all porcelain crowns are a weaker choice than porcelain fused to metal crowns, which is why we typically reserve this choice for front teeth only. This helps to reduce the risk of fracturing or any type of damage to posterior teeth that need the strength in order to provide your mouth with full function. If any of your rear teeth do need a crown, we typically recommend the porcelain fused to metal crown. This provides our patients with the durability of metal with the pleasing aesthetics of porcelain. Gold crowns, even though they sound a little odd, are actually the most beneficial for back teeth. They provide the durability that is necessary for excessive chewing and are the best choice for patients that grind their teeth.

Why a Dental Crown is Needed

Dental Crown

There are several reasons why we fit our patients with dental crowns. Among the most popular reasons include:

  • Injury or trauma to a tooth
  • Excessive decay that a filling cannot correct
  • Fillings that will not stay in or are fractured
  • Provide support to a tooth that received a root canal

The Process

The dental crown process is one that we do on a daily basis; there is nothing to worry about. The first appointment is when we get the area ready by removing any decay and shaping the remaining tooth as necessary. If a root canal is necessary, it will be done at this point as well. Once the area is clean and ready for the crown, we will take impressions to send to our lab to have the custom crown created. While we wait for the crown, a temporary crown will be placed to provide you with comfort and function until the crown comes into our office.

After a week or two, your permanent crown will be ready. We will remove your temporary crown and place the permanent crown for full function. Before we make the crown a permanent part of your mouth, we will ensure a proper fit and pleasing aesthetics. Once we are all pleased with the look and feel of the crown, it will become a permanent part of your mouth.

If you are ready to discuss your options for a dental crown, call us for an appointment today!

Our Happy Patients

"Great visit! Expressed long-term anxiety with dental visits. My fears were heard and accommodations were made. Thank you."

Sheryl H Sheryl H.

"Just went for a cleaning for the first time in years and years and I knew I had a chipped tooth, they did a thorough cleaning and doctor Truman sat down and talk through everything with me and set up a plan and a follow up to get my chipped tooth fixed. Very nice and clean office and everyone is very friendly. My wife and kids also have appointments coming up as well."

Joe E Joe E.

"I feel as though I am in great hands!! The entire team with this beautiful office took such good care of me! They are kind, personable and listened to my concerns and addressed them accordingly. I am new to Spokane and a veteran and I feel very lucky to have found them! Thanks so much!"

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