Uncovering the Myths About Dental Implants

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The myths about dental implants are one of the reasons why some people are not too thrilled about having them. Although a majority of people feel self-conscious about their missing teeth and other mouth-related problems, uncertainties and fear keep them from seeking the necessary treatments. Little do they know, dental implants can provide them with a renewed smile that looks, feels, and functions like real teeth. Candidates for dental implants should not let incorrect information prevent them from getting a second chance for their teeth.

dental implants

To help clear out some misconceptions, we at TruDental Spokane prepared a list of myths about dental implants and the truth behind each one.

The procedure for dental implants is really painful

Getting dental implants may not be the most pleasant procedure, but it is not as painful as how some people imagine it to be. Besides, for people who experience extreme fear and anxiety, there are sedation dentistry options that can be used for improved comfort.

Dental implants look fake

The truth is, a lot of patients are often pleasantly surprised at the appearance of their implant restorations. Dental implants can actually fool people! Most of the time, implants can remain unnoticed by anyone since it successfully mimics the overall appearance of real teeth.

It is difficult to care for dental implants

Once the dental implants are in, caring for them will be easy. Contrary to what most people believe, brushing, and flossing them without the use of special solutions would suffice. By observing proper oral hygiene and scheduling routine appointments, dental implant restorations can be maintained well.

Anyone can be a candidate for dental implants

Despite being a safe procedure needed by a majority of people, not everyone can get dental implants. The patient’s bone tissue in the mouth is the most important factor considered when getting dental implants. So, to make sure that the patient who is getting dental implants a good candidate, scheduling an initial consultation is recommended.

Don’t be scared off by negative information about dental implants, especially if you need them. Talk to us here at TruDental Spokane and let us professionally provide you with Dental Implants in Spokane, WA! Call or visit us at 2204 E 29th Ave, #208, Spokane, WA 99203.