Exposing the Truth Behind Some Denture Myths

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When most people hear about dentures, they think about a device that can fall out when speaking or left on any food item bitten by a person. However, what these people should understand is, this representation is far from what’s true. Dentures may often be a comical object in comedy movies or children’s show, but one thing’s for sure, it has improved the lives of many in the past and even continues to do so nowadays.

Since many misconceptions are floating around about dentures, let us at TruDental Spokane clear things out for people who are considering to get dentures. Read on below to know the truth behind some denture myths!


Myth: Eating corn on the cob is no longer possible

Fact: When wearing dentures for the first time, patients are not yet free to eat all the foods they love. But, if the mouth has adjusted with the oral appliance, eating corn, apples, and other foods will be okay.

Myth: After getting dentures, there is no need to see the dentist

Fact: Contrary to what most people believe, even with dentures, there are still some oral complications that can be experienced. That is why it is still necessary to see the dentist, but no longer more often than before. Plus, there are other oral structures left that should be preserved like the gums and jawbone.

Myth: Everyone will suffer from dentures at some point

Fact: Wearing dentures does not mean that a person needs to suffer. With modern dentistry, better materials and techniques are at the dentist’s disposal to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Besides, patients now have the option to consider dental implants for a more stable and durable dental restoration.

Myth: Dentures will change a person’s appearance

Fact: This statement is only true with ill-fitting dentures. But, if the appliance is perfectly fitted in the mouth, patients can feel and look more confident with their renewed smiles.

Myth: Speaking will be a struggle

Fact: As mentioned above, with eating, everything will go back to normal as soon as the mouth adjusts to the new appliance. It may cause a person to lisp for now, but after some time, their normal speech will return.

With all these facts provided, are you more confident to have your lost smile restored with Dentures in Spokane, WA? Call or visit us at TruDental Spokane to get started!