Fluoride Applications in Spokane, WA: FAQs

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Anyone can receive a fluoride treatment. But since children are more prone to cavities given their inability to practice good oral hygiene as well as their overconsumption of sugary treats, dentists encourage parents to incorporate the said dental service to their kids’ oral health regimen. In our clinic at TruDental Spokane, young patients with age below six years old are highly recommended for fluoride application to help their permanent teeth develop healthily. We also suggest the said treatment for people with gum disease, cavities, and dry mouth.

Fluoride Application

Answering Questions About Fluoride Applications

Further your knowledge regarding professional fluoride treatments. We answer some of the FAQs about fluoride applications below!

What is fluoride application?

The said dental treatment is a process in which dental professionals apply fluoride, a teeth-friendly mineral, on the patient’s teeth. The administered fluoride will serve as a coating that will combat, reverse, or delay the progression of decays.

How is fluoride applied on the teeth?

Fluoride provided by dental professionals can be in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. We use the latter option in our clinic. And for fluoride varnish to be put on the teeth, our dentist utilizes a small brush, covering all the surfaces of each tooth for excellent protection. The consistency of the varnish is gluey, but saliva helps with its solidification. All in all, professional fluoride application is fast and simple. It’s pain-free and very much child-friendly.

What about the safety of fluoride treatments?

Fluoride applications are safe. In fact, many dental professionals from around the globe incorporate this treatment in their dental services. The only downside of fluoride is that it may give off a temporary discoloration to the teeth when applied. The shade of the teeth, however, will go back to its normal state after brushing off the fluoride varnish.

How should parents care for their child’s teeth after the treatment?

Following the application of fluoride, parents should not allow their children to brush or floss. The newly-treated teeth must not be cleaned for at least 4 to 6 hours. The next day, or as advised by the dentist, oral care routine can be resumed. Patients are not prohibited from eating foods after the treatment. However, they need to refrain from consuming hot and hard foods or drinks to avoid potential problems.

Professional fluoride applications should not be substituted by fluoridated water, toothpaste, or other oral care products. Take note that the fluoride present in these alternatives may be inadequate to provide the best benefits for the teeth.

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