How to Boost Your Dental Health During Nighttime – Spokane, WA

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The mouth is jam-packed with multitudinous microorganisms, or what you call “bacterias.” But try to imagine these nasty particles – plaque, tartar, leftover foods – wrestling into your mouth during the night. What do you think is the outcome? Remember, everything can happen in eight hours. And yes, your likelihood of getting cavities, gum disease, and bad breath are not impossible. But do not let these possibilities trouble you. Simply follow these tips that we at TruDental Spokane listed below and you’ll be sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Nighttime Tips For Your Oral Health

Caring for the teeth during the night is easy. Be sure not to miss these points provided below to achieve a healthier smile!

Do not sleep with unbrushed teeth

It’s 10 PM, and you are ready to slumber. You are about to dive into your bed, but you suddenly remembered one thing: you haven’t brushed your teeth yet. Go straight to your sink and wash that unwanted debris in your mouth. Sleeping without brushing your teeth can aggravate decay and periodontal disease.

Brushing is good but pairing it with floss is best

Ladies and gentlemen, please make it a habit not to just brush your teeth but follow it up with a flossing routine after. There’s no question about the ability of a toothbrush to clean the mouth. Nevertheless, you must accept the fact that nothing is perfect. Even toothbrushes themselves may fail to clear out the food particles in the teeth. What you need then is a backup tool – that is where a floss would come in handy.

Wear your mouthguard (for teeth grinders)

Have you been diagnosed with bruxism? Never sleep without popping in your teeth protector! Some risks associated with teeth grinding are damaged enamel, worn cheek tissue, and teeth sensitivity. Unless you don’t want to experience any of these in the future, get your custom-made mouthguard now at TruDental Spokane!

Bonus Tip: Let the dentist check and clean your mouth

This one is not a nighttime tip, but this point is so important that we want to include it in here. Regular dental checkups allow the dentist to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums in good condition. Oral care practices at home are helpful, but they are not enough to provide you with a disease-free smile.

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