Root Canal Treatment in Spokane, WA: Facts for First-Timers

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If you are concerned about your badly decayed tooth, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is to seek the help of the dentist to save the infected structure. Although tooth extraction may be useful to eliminate the tooth that has been deteriorated already, having an incomplete set of teeth is not a good idea after all. At TruDental Spokane, we often recommend a Root Canal Treatment to preserve our patient’s tooth. If you are new to the procedure and would want to know more about it, consider the facts that we at TruDental Spokane prepared:


Root Canal Treatment


Root canal procedure is done in five steps

The treatment can be finished in one sitting. However, the processes involved are usually extensive. The steps in a root canal procedure are the following:

  • First, the dentist will take an x-ray of the patient’s teeth to assess the condition. After examining the extent of the problem, the area that requires the treatment will be numb using the local anesthesia.
  • Second, to make sure that the treatment will be done accordingly, the dental professional will secure that the site is completely dry. A thin, rubber-made sheet will be used to isolate the infected tooth, away from the other structures in the mouth.
  • Next, after the tooth is prepped, the dentist initiate a drilling process to access inside the tooth. The tiny hole will serve as a gateway to eliminate the bacteria, pulp, and debris located in the inner portion of the tooth. A series of files is then utilized to scrape off and clean the root canal, spraying it constantly with water or sodium hypochlorite to wash away excess particles.
  • Fourth, once the dead pulp and nerves are entirely removed, the tooth is ready to be sealed. The material called gutta-percha needs to be placed inside the root canal to halt further infection. Moreover, the hole will be covered by a filling for extra protection.
  • The last and final step is vital to keep the weakened tooth safeguarded. Typically, the dentist suggests the placement of a crown. It will be attached to the original tooth to prevent it from breakage and restore its function.

Removing the pulp is important

The irritated pulp, when left untreated, can cause tremendous pain and problem to the oral health. Undergoing a root canal treatment to get rid of the infected tooth’s pulp can save you from experiencing bone loss and swollen face, neck, or head.

Discomfort after the procedure is common

Teeth sensitivity are more likely to take place especially during the first few days after the treatment. This occurrence is simply due to tissue inflammation. However, patients are advised not to worry as discomfort is often a natural reaction with root canal treatment. Things are expected to get back to normal after the following days.

We at TruDental Spokane hope that these pieces of information are helpful enough to make you feel at ease during your first root canal treatment. We wish all the best regarding your dental health!


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