Dental Implants in Spokane, WA: How to Prepare for the First Time

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If a patient is told that undergoing a dental surgery would be the best solution for their condition, they may still feel intimidated and hesitant. These are the typical responses since most dental procedures are associated with pain. But with the advances in dentistry, people should already expect a comfortable and worry-free dental experience.

Dental implants, for instance, are not as complicated as many people think it is. Besides, it is one of the most in-demand procedures for those who wish to restore their lost teeth as natural as possible. The method sure does deliver a natural-looking outcome not only in terms of appearance but also functionality. Despite this, some are still not sure of its effectivity.


Dental Implant


We at TruDental Spokane understand why people do not opt for dental implants right away. To make them feel at ease and convinced, we have arranged some information below:


Like any other procedures, it always starts with an assessment to make sure that a patient is qualified to get dental implants. The dentist will check the bone on the implant site, health of the gums, and the bite. Afterward, they would inform the patients if they are candidates for the implant procedure, or if other treatments would work best.


Before performing the surgery, the dentist would first formulate a treatment plan based on the needs of the patient. The step is essential to make sure that the implant to be placed would not cause any problems to the surrounding healthy teeth. Certain procedures will also be performed to get a proper visualization of the site. The schedule will then be finalized.

The Day of the procedure

Before the treatment, instructions will be given by the dentist. Make sure to follow any prep work given to guarantee success. Here are some of the things that you might consider:

  • Fast the night before the scheduled appointment (depending on the sedation to be used)
  • Prepare a form of transport beforehand
  • Take the medications provided by the dentist
  • Prepare enough soft-foods like soups, pasta, or smoothies
  • Get plenty of rest before undergoing the procedure


It is okay to go back to work the day of the implant placement. There may be pain and swelling involved, but these would not get in the way. However, for a quick recovery, the patient is advised to rest a day or two.

Additional appointment

During the healing process, osseointegration is sure to take place. It is a process that promotes the growth of jaw bone, securing the foundation of the implant. After this, the permanent prostheses will be placed. Depending on the needs of a patient, a dental crown, bridge, or a full denture will be positioned to complete the overall restoration.

Since you already know what to expect and how to prepare, give us a call at TruDental Spokane to start the process of restoring the teeth that are once lost.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Dental Implants in Spokane, WA. Book your appointment with us at TruDental Spokane and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!