Teeth Extractions in Spokane, WA: What to Do to Prepare

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Despite the advances in oral care, extractions are still regularly performed by dentists. It is due to several reasons like keeping extensive damage from spreading further, irreversible trauma, diseases, impacted teeth, and for successful orthodontic treatments. At TruDental Spokane, we only opt for a tooth removal as the last resort if we find that other dental procedures will be ineffective.


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The extraction of a tooth has gained a bad reputation for being painful and uncomfortable, but is it true? It is not as bad as people think, leaving the affected tooth unattended can cause more pain compared to the procedure. Besides, local anesthetics or sedation options are readily available to make the patients’ experience more comfortable or even painless. For patients who are in need of extraction, here is a list of tips they should remember.

  • First, learn why is it that extraction is required. For adults, preserving their teeth is essential for there are no other means of restoring it other than dental procedures. The oral surgeon would then proceed and explain why it is needed as well as its benefits for the overall wellness.
  • Think of the procedure’s benefits instead of thinking about its negative factors. Do not let it affect your mental state to set proper expectations of what to expect during and after the extraction.
  • Provide a complete record of medical history and medications to the dentist. It would give them a clearer view of things to help them set precautions to ensure the patients’ safety and comfort.
  • Prepare painkillers like ibuprofen or ketoprofen beforehand, and make sure to take it at the right time. Asking for the dentist’s recommendation would be great for they know the best ones to use to alleviate pain or discomfort after the procedure. Avoid taking aspirin since it has blood thinning effects, making the site bleed more instead of letting it clot.
  • Arrange a mode of transportation in advance for the scheduled extraction day. Depending on the type of procedure performed and ways of comfort used, a patient can be temporarily impaired of their driving ability.
  • Prepare a sufficient supply of soft foods that could last for a day or two. It is not advised to immediately eat whole or hard foods since a blood clot should form first to avoid dry socket which is extremely painful.

Following these tips can make patients feel at ease since they have nothing to worry about on the day of their tooth extraction.


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