Dental Checkups: What To Expect? Spokane, WA

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Dental care practices such as brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing can help in keeping the mouth healthy. However, these are not enough to thoroughly clean the mouth. Regular dental checkups every six months are essential to keep track of the status of your dental health and detect problems early. At TruDental Spokane, we help our patients have optimum oral health through dental checkups to prevent oral diseases.

The dental visit is consist of two parts, first is the examination, and next is the cleaning.

Dental Checkups

Dental Examination

The dental examination is done to detect dental problems for early treatment to save the patient from undergoing extensive dental procedures. During the dental examination, X-rays of the mouth will be taken to check for cavities especially those that are in between the teeth. Plaques and tartar build-up are also checked since it can cause oral disease if left untreated. X-rays are also used to detect hidden oral issues which cannot be seen by the naked eye including cysts, tumors, and problems below the gums.

In checking the gums, gum pockets and their tracking size is measured using a special tool. The measurement will allow the dentist to determine if the gums are healthy or not.

The check-up also includes facial, tongue throat, and neck examination.

Dental Cleaning

Although people regularly brush their teeth, this does not guarantee a thorough cleaning. During the visit, the plaques that are resting on the teeth surfaces are removed to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Hardened plaque or tartar is scraped out using special dental tools. The procedure is called scaling. After scaling, the teeth surfaces are polished to remove any stains.

What to do between Regular Checkups?

Between regular dental checkups, patients are still required to practice proper care. Since plaque can form in the teeth anytime, regular brushing, mouth rinsing, and flossing is a must to reduce the risk of cavities and oral diseases.

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